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The Green Light is On for Publicizing the November 1st "Teach-Out" entitled "Science Shows A Different Point of View On Lyme Disease" at the steps of the American College of Rheumatology & Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals' 35th Annual Scientific Meeting being held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center at 1101 Arch Street between 11th and 13th streets in Philadelphia, PA

The "teach-out" will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., sponsored by a Tri-State coalition of Lyme disease patients, with a press conference scheduled at 1:00 p.m.

A map of the Philadelphia police 6th precinct general vicinity of the "teach-out" can be found at:

For those interested in staying over, the block of hotels being used (with map) can be found at:

We hope that the press will pick up the theme of our "teach-out," "Science Shows A Different Point of View on Lyme Disease" as a counterpoint to the educational seminar being presented inside by Allen Steere from 7:30 to 9:00 a.m. on Nov 1st and 2nd.

The GOALS of the "teach-out" are:

We will present science-backed arguments while at the same time decrying the "old-news"/obsolete 30 day "cure-by-calendar" treatment protocol of the Allen Steere Cookbook School of Lyme disease treatment,

It is our thought that by the fourth day of the convention, attendee's will be ready for a needed break at lunch time and will exit the convention center and afford us the educational opportunity to offer them information that "Science Shows A Different Point of View On Lyme Disease."

We encourage massive attendance from the Tri-State area support groups and lyme disease patients in order to fulfill our ongoing to Committment to Allen Steere that "We Will Not Go Away" and to support our cause in the eyes of the nation's press, and the convention of rhematologists and associated professionals.

We hope to achieve a large enough crowd that the "buzz" at dinner and for the rest of the meeting will be about Lyme disease treatment (wouldn't that be grand!) and that Allen Steere is not an "expert" on Lyme disease as presented in their "Meet The Expert" seminars, Allen Steere is Wrong!

We need groups to show up with informational literature on lyme disease and chronicity, long term treatment desirability, etc. as well as the usual posters and info. on the politics and personalities.

Those interested can e-mail me to obtain a 9 page file of Persistence of Lyme Disease references for groups and individuals to copy and bring for distribution. It prints "portrait style" or long-ways on paper and so one must set the print parameters accordingly.

In this way, no one group or person is financially or physically burdened with making/bringing multiple copies. It is encouraged if possible that you take public transportation to this event (see below).

The time is opportune for our presence in the City of Philadelphia as a supportive public opportunity for presence for press and for the medical and Lyme disease communities, *in combination with* the LDA medical conference on Pediatric Lyme disease in Princeton on November 4th and with the Scheduled Press Event on Doctor Harrassment in New York City on November 9th..

This is a unique opportunity to turn out and make a difference and have one event build momentum for the others, a one-time chance for us to make one month really count in the History of Lyme Disease activism, - - so all that possibly can show for this event are called into action on November 1st.

The question has been posed as to relative importance of events. The LDA conference is important for those interested in medical treatment of Lyme disease but is of a different nature than the two public opportunities afforded us in New YOrk City and Philadelphia on November 1st and 9th.

By concensus of active Lyme disease leaders, if an individual must make a choice between the two public events, we strongly urge full-fledged national turnout for the Doctor Harrassment Press Conference in New York City on November 9th.

*However* we strongly hope that since enough recovery time exists between events that all who are able *will* turn out for both events and bolster a strong showing at the Nov 1st "teach-out" at Penn Convention Center, particularly the Tri-State Lyme disease community..

The Philadelphia event will be an opportunity to focus the press on the Science of Lyme Disease treatment in addition to carrying the requisite message that Allen Steere is Wrong in approach to Lyme disease.

We hope to impress upon the world, through press, the wealth of information and documentation that abounds on the Persistence and Chronicity of Long Term Lyme Disease and the dire need for doctors who will adequately treat Lyme disease long-term with an eye to preventing characteristing relapse cycles that abound with short-term treatment protocols.

We also intend to focus attention on the Dirty Politics of Lyme Disease that make finding adequate treatment increasingly difficult.

Please join us for this especially important event and publicize to those individuals and groups whom you are in contact with.

(*note - we are using a new term, "teach-out", as a variation of the word "teach-in." In a "teach-in," individuals would congre- gate inside a building where they would be provided with materials and knowledge. We hope to do the same OUTside and thus the use of the term "teach-out" to try to make a newsworthy event. By continuing to use the word "teach-out" in place of the generic word "event" we focus attention on the resource and teaching connotation of what we will be doing, our theme that "Science Shows A Different Point of View On Lyme Disease."

We strongly urge you to make this information widely known.

One more note: This is a Rain-or-Shine event so bring umbrellas and advise your people that if it looks iffy, make sure they have clear contact paper to put over their posters for all-weather visuals.


From NJ there is the High Speedline which stops at Lindenwold, the nearby shopping center (Name?), Haddonfield, Westmont, Collingswood, CAmden (three stops) and 8th and Market.

There are large parking lots at all these stations but Camden stations, where you could leave your car for the day. In Haddonfield think the fee may be a quarter (or maybe that was a quarter an hour.)

From 8th and Market one would walk to the backside of the buildings there, not the Market Street side on front, to Arch Street and then turn left and proceed to 11th and Convention Center.

The parking in Philadelphia is quite pricey, and may be hard to find in the immediate vicinity so plan extra time accordingly for finding parking and walking from there to the Convention center.

From the the convention website there is info on a high-speed link from the 30th street train station to the convention center. If travelling in a group it is more economical to take a cab from the train station, about $4.50 by cab from 30th street station.. Bear in mind there is more than one Philadelphia train stop, (North Philly) and to get off at 30th Street Station if travelling by train.

Click on:
and then click on transportation for other details.

Jeannine Der Bedrosian

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