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Transmitted by the bite of a tick, Lyme disease ("Maladie de Lyme", "Borreliosis de Lyme") is an infection caused by the spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi. Lyme, along with other tick-borne illnesses, is found throughout the world. The following websites provide information on Lyme disease in many different countries.

Transmise par les piqûres de tiques, la maladie de Lyme est une infection provoquée par le spirochàte Borrélia burgdorferi. La maladie de Lyme, ainsi que les autres maladies vectorielles à tiques, se retrouve partout dans le monde. Les sites web suivant fournissent des informations sur la maladie de Lyme dans de nombreux pays.

Transmitida por la picadura de una garrapata, la enfermedad de Lyme ("Borreliosis de Lyme") es una infección causada por la espiroqueta Borrelia burgdorferi. El Lyme, junto con otras enfermedades transmitidas por garrapatas, se distribuye a lo largo del mundo. Las siguientes páginas web aportan información sobre la enfermedad de Lyme en muchos de los diferentes paises.

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Australia- Department of Medical Entomology
Australia- Trail Talk
Canada- Lyme Disease Foundation
Canada- British Columbia
Czech Republic- Borelioza CZ
Denmark- Bowen-test projektet
Denmark- LymeRICK
Germany- Borreliose Selbsthilfe Berlin
Germany- Borreliose-epidemie Blog
Germany- Borreliose Nachrichten
Germany- Lyme Borreliose Informationen Online
Germany- Zecken Rollen
Germany- Borreliose Zeckeninformation
Ireland- Tick Talk Ireland
Italy- Borreliosi Di Lyme
Netherlands- Website with Forum
Netherlands- Lyme Disease
Norway- Norsk Lyme Borreliose Foundation
Poland- Lyme Patients Association
Switzerland- Borreliose (Deutsch/Francais/Italiano)
UK- Lyme Disease Action
UK- Borreliosis and Associated Diseases Awareness
UK- British Lyme Disease Foundation
UK- Tick Prevention Week
USA- Lyme Support Groups/Organizations
International- Tick Borne Encephalitis Board
Medical Abstracts on Lyme Worldwide:
Argentina- Bb in Farm Workers
Belgium- HGE Underestimated
Brazil- Lyme and Babesia
Canada- Lyme endemic in Ontario
Caribbean- Ticks
China- Borrelia species
Europe- Other Tick Diseases
Europe- Geographical Incidence
Finland- Prevalence of Bb in urban ticks
Ireland- Bb in Ticks
Israel- tick borne illness in dogs
Japan- Bb in ticks from migratory birds
Kenya- Lyme disease: report of two cases
Malaysia- Positive tests in blood donors
Peru- Human Ehrlichiosis
Poland- Neuroborreliosis
Poland- Anaplasma phagocytophilum and Babesia
Russia- Tick borne infections
Scotland- Urban and Rural Risks of Lyme
Slovenia- Acute Febrile Illness
Spain- Tick-borne zoonotic bacteria
Sweden- Tick endemic area
Switzerland- Strain Variation
Switzerland- Babesia
Tanzania- Serologic evidence in Africa
Tunisia- high prevalence in ticks
Turkey- Bb in Ticks
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