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Lymeinfo was created in 1997 in order to organize tick-borne illness links on the internet. Originally titled "Cheryl's Lyme page," the website grew over the years to incorporate the increasing number of Lyme disease links on the internet. To further the goal of increasing awareness about this insidious disease, an email list was created in January 2002 to accompany the website. The following month the website adopted the name "LymeInfo" from both the email list and its title page. A new layout for the website was launched in early 2005.

Lymeinfo has several moderators who volunteer their time and energy to help others understand the devastating effects of tick-borne illnesses. Each of Lymeinfo's moderators is a patient advocate with a special concern for those inflicted with these diseases.

Cheryl was the original moderator for LymeInfo, and now primarily serves as webmaster for the LymeInfo website. In July 2002, Rose signed on as moderator of the email list and had taken over the daily responsibility of sending messages to our members. Sadly, Rose passed away in April of 2007 at the age of 59. She is missed very much by everyone at LymeInfo. See: In Memory of Rose.

In July of 2007, we introduced Rick as the newest addition to the LymeInfo team. Rick has enthusiastically taken on the role of sharing news with the LymeInfo email group.

The LymeInfo website is not officially affiliated with any Lyme group or organization, but lends its support to several other Lyme organizations. The moderators are patient advocates, not licensed professionals, and this website is for informational purposes only. Full Disclaimer.

There are articles throughout this website written by various authors. In those cases, reprint permission was obtained and appropriate credit was given. The website design is based on Haran's Sinorca, an open source web design.

   Navigation: The majority of links at this website will take you to other websites. Therefore, use of your brower's "back" button is often needed. Many browsers will allow you the opportunity to alter the size of the text. For example, in Firefox or Internet Explorer go to View, Text Size, and choose a larger or smaller font size.

   Files: PDF (adobe acrobat reader) files throughout this site are labeled with a (pdf) notation. These files require Adobe Reader. Most people have this program on their computer, but if you do not, you can download a copy of it (or update your existing program) at: or at Adobe Reader Download. Unfortunately, those with webtv or simliar services will not be able to view these files.

   Redistribution: To republish items in printed material or at other websites, please contact the webmaster. To redistribute email list or website articles via email and message boards, permission is granted as long as the items are not edited and appropriate attribution is provided. We suggest the statement "This article is from the LymeInfo Website (or the LymeInfo Email List)." If you print LymeInfo's pages, you'll notice the menus will not be printed. We hope this will improve the appearance on paper. We encourage distribution of items at this website, especially the flyer to support groups and others.

   Webmasters: We greatly appreciate and encourage all links to the Lyme Disease Info website. Please link to html pages only. Thank you! For reciprocal links, please contact the webmaster.

LymeInfo has created a list of recommended books that can be purchased online from When you make a purchase at (by clicking through to amazon from this site), a portion of the purchase price will be sent to LymeInfo. These contributions will be used to help fund this website. We suggest that you stop by this page before making any Amazon purchases, as the cost to you will not change and you will be helping LymeInfo to continue funding the cost of maintaining this website. You can visit our Lyme Disease Books Page, Alternative Health Books, or visit the site using this link:

The additional costs of this site are funded by the webmaster. No funding has been received for this website from any other commercial or non-commercial organizations, and the webmaster does not have a financial interest in any companies selling nutritional supplements or pharmaceuticals. We do not request personal donations.

In order to further Lyme disease research, we would like to strongly encourage donations to the Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases Research Center, a non-profit organization that is not affiliated with LymeInfo.

If you have questions about Lyme and related diseases, please visit one of the online message boards. See our Directory. We are, however, very interested in your feedback about this LymeInfo website. For your comments about the site, please email without the xxx. If you have comments/questions about the email list, please email without the xxx. While we do not aim to share personal information, including email addresses, with third parties, no guarantee can be made that email sent to these accounts will be kept private, particularly in the case of offensive or harassing messages.

We thank you for visiting this website, and we hope that it is helpful to you. If so, please tell others to visit!