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This was posted by Dorothy Leland in California. Post it to your groups with a list of your state congresspeople who are on the health subcommittee to make it easy for people to make their calls.

My name is _________, I am a resident of _________(STATE), and I have suffered (or I have a child who has suffered) from Lyme disease for more than _____# years. (Personalize for your own situation.) I know that Congressman/woman _______________ is on the subcommittee dealing with HR 741, the Lyme and tick-borne disease bill. I am calling to ask him/her to ask committee chairman Frank Pallone to schedule a hearing on HR 741.

If he/she is not already a bill co-sponsor, I'm also asking him/her to please sign on to co-sponsor the bill also. Thanks.

(leave your name, address, contact info)

(If you want more information, go to