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June 22, 2006
from Kay

Hello everyone,

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We have only 16 days until Dr. Jones next hearing!
Thursday June 22nd, 9 am in Hartford, CT.
Please attend to support Dr. Jones!!!

Background Info:
Dr. Charles Ray Jones, the LEADING Lyme literate pediatrician, is being wrongly charged by the Connecticut state medical board with unprofessional conduct. His hearing has been ongoing, and it is imperative that we provide him an overwhelming show of support at the next day of his hearing.

About Dr. Jones:
1.Dr. Jones helps thousands (8000+) of kids from all over the world that have no where else to get help.
2.He does it at great personal sacrifice working 6 or 7 days a week, 10 to 12 hours a day.
3.He doesn't turn away children, even if the family can not afford to pay.
4.Hundreds, maybe thousands, of families believe their children would have literally died or become incapacitated if Dr. Jones had not helped them.
5. If he loses his license, the vested interests who claim that TBDs are easy to treat, easy to diagnose and hard to get will be emboldened to target other docs who are helping people with TBDs, leaving thousands of people without any hope or chance of getting the medical care they need to live any kind of decent quality of life.

To support Dr. Jones is to support medical care for all children, everywhere. Show the global community you care about children's healthcare and each and every child's right to exercise the freedom to access the healthcare they need and deserve by supporting Dr. Charles Ray Jones.

Attending the Hearing:
Please consider making your travel plans soon.
I will be block booking rooms at a local hotel. The cost will probably be about 95.00 for the one night before the hearing. Holiday Inn Express is one of the hotels I have spoken with. It is right across the park from the Legislative building.
Details will be forthcoming.

Dr. Jones has asked everyone to attend his hearings. This is a quote from what he said at the Rally in Hartford on June 2. "I welcome and extend a hearty welcome to each and all of you to come and see what is going on in the legislative hearings." Dr. Charles Ray Jones

Dr. Shapiro will be cross examined by Attorney Pollack at the June 22nd hearing. Shapiro said some really foolish things in his testimony and the cross, I am sure, will be very interesting.

Defense Fund: Please also remember his defense fund. If you can send a donation of any amount please do.

[LYMEINFO NOTE: The following address has been updated July 2008.]

Make Donations via check, payable to:
"Pullman & Comley Trust Account-for Dr. Charles Jones." Mail to:
Elliott B. Pollack
c/o Pullman & Comley, LLC
90 State House Square
Hartford, CT 06103-3702
Note "gift" in the memo field

I hope we fill that hearing room and an overflow room as well on June 22nd. I saw how much the children's testimonies meant to Dr. Jones at the rally. Please consider bringing your children. If they can not sit for the full hearing bring them for a s long as they can handle. I am certain he will love seeing every child that comes.

The time for the hearing is 9 am to 3:30 pm. There is a break for lunch, with a very good, inexpensive cafeteria in the Legislative building. There are also a few short leg stretching breaks as well.

Please show Dr. Jones you believe in what he has done and continues to do, attend his hearings.

I'll send the detailed info soon.
Questions? Please feel free to email me


PS. For a biographical picture of Dr. Jones, please see Pam Weintraub's article from the Lyme Times at (pdf file) and click on Page 5.