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Dr. Jones
Info About New Charges and
May 9, 2008 Hearing Notice

FYI from Sheila: What follows is a revised summary of the previously posted "brief update" regarding Dr. Jones' May 2 hearing. Note that this summary contains some important revisions and clarifications, including the correct agenda for the upcoming session this Friday, May 9. Please delete the previous post on this subject, to prevent the dissemination of outdated or incorrect information. Attention to list moderators: Please also delete the previous post from your listservs and replace it with the following. Many thanks for your patience! Feel free to post or distribute to other lists.

First, Dr. Jones thanks all of you have been continuing to express support and concern regarding his ongoing legal battle. He understood how very difficult it was to attend this past hearing, given the circumstances. He was pleased that about 7 supporters did manage to attend.

According to Dr. Jones, Attorney Pollack made a statement at the beginning of the session regarding Attorney General Blumenthal's settlement with the IDSA. It was unclear whether this development had any impact or bearing on the demeanor of the panel.

The current Statement of Charges contains three counts and involves Dr. Jones' treatment of four patients.

Dr. Zemel is serving as one of the expert witnesses for the Connecticut Department of Public Health this time around, and started his testimony on Friday. He had to leave at 12:40 p.m. right after testifying. As a result, the panel decided to stop for the day, rather than to proceed without the benefit of cross-examination. Attorney Pollack is, reportedly, looking forward to the opportunity to question Dr. Zemel. The CT DPH does not intend to call Dr. Zemel back to testify until June 10, 2008 to finish the remainder of his testimony. It is unclear whether Attorney Pollack will have the opportunity to cross-examine Dr. Zemel on that date.

IMPORTANT: The next hearing is scheduled for this Friday, May 9 at 9:00 a.m. (Location: The Department of Public Health Complex, 410 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut, Conference Room .C. in Building 470)

At this time, CT DPH intends to call one of the patient's parents and its other expert witness, Dr. Martin Harwin, to testify.

Please watch for further announcements or updates.

Dr. Jones believes that it will continue to be important to fill the audience, to the extent that it is possible for folks to attend.

Thank you for your ongoing attention and caring.

Please also note the new instructions for donating to Dr. Jones' legal defense fund:

Make Donations payable to " Pullman & Comley Trust Account-for Dr. Charles Jones.
Mail to:
Elliott Pollack
Pullman & Comley, LLC
90 State House Square
Hartford, CT 06103-3702
Note "gift" in the memo field

Sheila M. Statlender, Ph.D.