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from Sandy Berenbaum

To all,

I wrote the first part of this last summer, and send it out again, with additional notes in italics. I ask that you realize the magnitude of the problem, and our need to be involved.

We all need to realize that Dr. Jones' struggle is our struggle, regardless of where we live or whether we have children with Lyme. It is very clear to everyone who heard Shapiro's testimony that he has an agenda far beyond any individual doctor, and the agenda involves the complete destruction of the credibility of the ILADS guidelines, and the doctors who practice using these guidelines. His assertion that those who have only neurological symptoms don't have Lyme, regardless of whether they have a positive blood test, his discrediting any possibility of cross-placental transmission, and on and on.

Our right to have Lyme-literate doctors is at risk here. Our right to have guidelines that address chronic Lyme is at risk, as well. Our right to have laboratories that will aid the diagnosis with reasonable and accurate testing is also under attack.

I wrote these last paragraphs months ago, before the new IDSA guidelines came out. With the new guidelines, we know with certainty that the problem is far deeper, far more incidious, than the destructive goals of one man. Shapiro represents an organized, carefully scripted, attack on our right to choose effective medical care for ourselves and our children. Dr. Jones is the current target of this attack. There have been other LLMDs under attack in the past, and with the new IDSA guidelines, there are sure to be more.

I urge you all to join me in attending Dr. Jones' hearing on Thursday, Nov. 16th, at the Legislative Office Building, in Hartford. It is the responsibility of all of us to support Dr. Jones' in his courageous struggle to keep his license, so that he can continue to restore the health of the children in our midst.

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