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October 12, 2005

INFO FROM: MA Lyme Disease Coalition

The Joint Massachusetts Legislative Committee on Public Health has announced that there will be a Public Hearing on Lyme Disease beginning 10:00 am, Wednesday, October 12th in Hearing Room A-1 at the Massachusetts State House, Beacon Hill, Boston.

The program will begin with testimony from an expert panel consisting of:

The general public will then be invited to testify. Lyme patients from everywhere are welcome; however, Massachusetts residents will be given preference regarding testimony. Although legislators have asked the public to testify "from the heart". written notes and/or cards will be permitted. Time will be limited to 5 minutes (IMPORTANT, one to two typed pages is about 5 speaking minutes; there is, however, no limit to the written testimony that you may choose to submit to the Public Health Committee). Bring your written testimony to the hearing, and please forward a copy of your statement by October 1 to:

FAX: (508) 563-7780
Massachusetts Lyme Disease Coalition
P.O. Box 1916
Mashpee, MA 02649

Early on Wednesday October 12th we expect to have buses leaving from 4 locations:

(1) Cape Cod: Nancy (508) 362-3189
(2) North Shore Kay
(3) Fall River Janice (508) 636-9000
(4) Western Massachusetts. Carla (413) 569-5800
A Large Turnout is as important as the quality and quantity of Personal Testimonies. Please bring your children, spouses and other family members. Drs. Jones, Fallon & Cameron and Pat Smith are all traveling a long distance and sacrificing much to help us make this into a successful event. This is THE opportunity that we have been waiting years for! The Massachusetts Legislature has never, EVER held hearings on Lyme disease at the State House in the past; let's not be faint of heart but, rather, let's all 'seize this moment!' with our cogent and coherent testimonies and our OVERWHELMING attendance! We have, at this event, the opportunity to begin changing conditions for Lyme patients here in Massachusetts and nationwide.

I hope to see you ALL at 10 AM sharp on Wednesday October 12th at the Massachusetts State House (Hearing Room A-1)! Note: For those coming in private cars, parking is underground about 1/4 mile away. Allow extra time).

John Coughlan
Massachusetts Lyme Disease Coalition
Ph: (508) 563-7033

*NOTE: there is a possibility that a physician from the "conservative" Steere/Klempner group may be added to the program.