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Target Lyme Disease Tick Control
Ticks & Tick Bites- Worth Reading!
Stop Ticks- All about ticks and prevention

Prevention Info:

Lyme Prevention Tips
LDF on Preventing Tick Bites
Ticks and Washer/Dryer
Tips For Backpackers And Travellers
Rodents Hold The Key To Annual Risk
CDC on Prevention and Control
Identifying Ticks
In Case You're Bitten By A Tick...
Naturally Protect Against Ticks
3M Ultrathon
DEET verses Permethrin as a Tick Repellent
Rose Geranium for Ticks
Comparative Efficacy of Insect Repellents
Avon Calling- Info about "Bug Guard"
Lemon eucalyptus extract
Mosquitoes/Ticks Repelled By Tomato-Based Substance
Bugs BeGone
Prevention for pets
Warning Signs in Pets
K9 Advantix Protection
Common Flea and Tick Control Products

About Ticks:

Pictures of Ticks
Tick Removal
Tick Info .Com
Ticks, Mice & Deer
Chipmunks And Shrews Harbor Lyme
How to Manage Ticks
Lyme on the Loose
Climate Change And Disease Ecology
Analytical Services Tick Testing
Tick Testing Labs List
Indiana Tick Testing and Info
Max Force Tick System
How to Identify Ticks
Ticks, Lyme & You
Hungry Ticks Can Really Suck the Life Out of A Party!
Lizards Slow Lyme Disease
Guinea Fowl Eat Ticks
More on Guinea Fowl
Art's Ticks and Lyme Disease
Tick Life Cycle
More on the Tick Life Cycle
Forest Fragmentation May Increase Lyme Disease Risk
Biodiversity May Reduce Lyme Disease
Migration may reawaken Lyme disease
Vector Interactions
Tick Biology
CDC- Predicting the Risk of Lyme Disease
Tick Elimination
Connecticut's Nix Ticks
CDC's (and CT) Tick Management Handbook (large pdf file)

Other Modes of Transmission:

Blood/Organ Donation
Biting Insects Infected with Lyme
Increased Evidence of Mosquito / Spirochete Associations
Spirochetes in semen
Gestational Lyme Disease
Detection of Borrelia burgdorferi in urine and breast milk
Borrelia burgdorferi infection in Wisconsin horses and cows
Bartonella and biting flies
The agent of Lyme disease in deer flies, horse flies, and mosquitoes
Lyme Borreliosis: Relation of Its Causative Agent to Its Vectors

Additional Info:

ILADS Basic Info
Lyme Symptoms
Rash Pictures
More Rash Pictures
IGeneX Lab