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"The unfortunate fact of Lyme disease is that more than twenty years later medical science has not developed any significant breakthroughs in either diagnosis of or the treatment of this disease. Despite all of what we have learned about Borrelia burgdorferi, our diagnostic tests are still poor, and our treatment regimens are for the most part unchanged for the last two decades." (Tom Grier, What Lyme Disease Research Needs To Be Done And Why.)

Most Important:

Columbia U. Chronic Lyme Research Center
Nation's First Chronic Lyme Research Center
National Research Fund for Tick-Borne Diseases, Inc.
Lyme Neuroborreliosis Research Program
Dr. Cameron's Lyme Project
Generalizability in two clinical trials of Lyme
NIH Columbia U. Lyme Study Completed
NIH/Columbia University Study Results (.pdf)
Lyme Disease Association Grants Awarded
Turn the Corner Grants Awarded

The Science of Lyme:

Basic Issues in Understanding Lyme Disease
Annotated Bibliographies of Medical and Scientific Articles on Lyme
Articles by Tom Grier
Biochemistry of Lyme Disease: Bb Spirochete/Cyst
Interview with Willy Burgdorfer (pdf)
Transfection "Junk" DNA Article (pdf)
Strains of Borrelia burgdorferi
Through the Microscope- Images
Invasion and killing of lymphocytes by spirochetes
Clinical implications of delayed growth of the Lyme spirochete
The Complexity of Vector-borne Spirochetes
Textbook of Bacteriology
Historical Observations of Cysts
Environmental Adaptation of Spirochetes
LymeRICK Files
Lyme Strains and Research
Cytokines and Flare Cycles
Long Term Inflammation in Lyme
Mathematical Model of symptoms and flare cycles
Heterogeneity of Bb
Bb Changes Its Surface Antigenic Expression
Monthly and Yearly Citations added to Medline
Autoimmunity in Infectious Diseases
LymeInfo: Medical Literature Summaries
LymeInfo: Complete Text Journal Articles

Conference Reports:

2008 UK Conference Presentations
2007 UK Conference Presentations
2006 UK Conference Presentations
2005 UK Conference Presentations
2004 UK Conference Presentations
2003 UK Conference Transcript
Summary: The LDA and ILADS conferences, California, 2008
Summary: The LDA and ILADS Conferences, Philadelphia, 10/06 (pdf)
Summary: The LDA and ILADS Conferences, Philadelphia, 10/05
ILADS Conference Compendiums
LDA Conference Videos
LDA's 2003 Medical Conference Online Video
14th International Scientific Conference Summaries
LDF Conference Archive

Research Projects:

ILADS Physician Training Program
Calder Center Researching Tick Pathogens
Dr. Macdonald's Alzheimer Research
Scientists identify potential key to Lyme
URI Grad Student Research
Lyme Disease Retreatment Study
NIAID Research on Lyme
Dr. Sellati's Research
Oxford Tick Research Group
Stop Ticks Research Info
Oklahoma Tick Research
Lizard Blood Slows Lyme
Clinical Trials
UConn Research
Dr. Norgard's Research
Dr. Barkley's Research
Lyme guidance to drug development (pdf)
Biologist Launches Research of Ticks
NIH Lyme related grants
Ehrlichial Research Laboratory, Ohio
Ehrlichia Research, UC Davis
Maine Vector-Borne Disease Laboratory


Journal of Spirochetal and Tick Borne Diseases Archive
Using Google Trends for Research
PubMed- National Library of Medicine
Google Scholar Search
Patent Search
Grants Search
NIH Grants Search
Peer review: the Holy Office of modern science
The Dirty Truth About Lyme Disease Research
LymeInfo: Lyme & Babesiosis Blood Transfusions
LymeInfo: CDC Citations