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Below is a collection of links on Lyme disease and other Tick-Borne Diseases (TBDs). Amongst the topics included are Lyme disease organizations, email lists, resources for children, and much, much more. Because this is a directory of information found throughout the internet, most of these links will take you to other websites. For introductory info, see About Lyme Disease, ILADS' Basic Information.


The following groups promote Lyme disease awareness, advocate on behalf of patients, and/or raise research funds for Tick-Borne Diseases.

International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society (ILADS)
Columbia Lyme Research Center
Regional Support Group Websites
Stop Ticks on People (STOP)
Time For Lyme (TFL)
CA Lyme Disease Association (CALDA)
LifeLyme, Inc.
Lyme Disease Association (LDA)
Lyme Disease Foundation (LDF)
Turn the Corner Foundation
Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation
Dr. Drulle Memorial Fund

Public Forums, Email Lists, Newsletters

These resources enable both patients and medical professionals to ask questions, share with others, and/or keep up with the latest info on TBDs. WARNING: At some of the forums, dissenting opinions can be censored. As a result you will not be able to receive balanced information to make informed decisions, and you will not know that useful info has been deleted without apparent cause. There are also members who benefit from the sales of questionable products. Therefore, LymeInfo encourages readers to seek out a diversity of opinion in order to most fully inform themselves to make the best decisions possible.

Newsletters, Announcement Lists, Blogs
Blog: Camp Other
CALDA Blog: Touched by Lyme
Lyme Information
Lyme Times (Back issues only)
Lyme Matters Newsletter (Back issues only)
Forums & Chat
MD Junction Lyme Board
Healing Well Message Board
Lyme Connect
Lymenet Flash
Lymenet Europe Forum
Invisible Disabilities Network
Daily Strength Lyme Board
Chat: Lyme Audio Network
Brain Talk's Lyme Board
Health Boards Lyme Board
Med Help Lyme Forum
Email Discussion Lists (Registration Required)
Caregiver Support
Lyme-Aid Parents
Lyme Teens
ALS and Lyme
CFS/FMS Infections
ILADS for Healthcare Professionals (Members only)
Lyme Pals Program
Others at Yahoogroups

Children & their families

It is especially heartbreaking to see children suffering from these terrible diseases. Below is info on the effects of TBDs in children, special info with regard to education, and other information to help the children and their families.

Useful Information
Parenting Kids with Lyme
Website: Parents of Children with Lyme
The Lyme Garden
Book: Lyme in Rhyme
LDA Brochure: ABC's of Lyme
The Faces of Lyme - Personal Stories
Lyme Aid 4 Kids (.doc)
Book: Let's Get Well
Article about Dr. C.R. Jones, Pediatrician (see #32)
Lyme Induced Autism
10 Tick Tips 4 Kids
Teacher's Guide
Lyme Disease in Schools
The Effects of Lyme Disease on Students (pdf)
Video for Educators
Developmental Delay Study
Brain Fog: Has Lyme Disease Affected Your Child?
Lyme Study Could Help Adolescents
Medical Articles
Manifestations of Lyme in Children
Comparative Study of Children with Early Lyme
Underdiagnosis in Children and Adults
Cognitive Deficits in Children With Chronic Lyme
Gastrointestinal Manifestations (pdf)
Ehrlichia Seroprevalence Among Children
Kid's Corner
Educational Games
Recipe for Tick Soup
Educational Materials
Children & Lyme
Pregnancy and Lyme Email Discussion Group
Pregnancy Abstracts
Pregnancy and Lyme Disease by Dr. Drulle
Select Abstracts
Probably Congenital Babesiosis
Gestational Lyme Borreliosis
Book- Infectious Diseases of Fetus and Newborn, 4th ed. 1995
Pregnancy and Babesiosis
Teratogen Update (pdf file)

Videos & Movies

Free Videos Online
Lyme video collection at LymeInfo
LDA Video: Insights Into the Crisis
Hidden Epidemic?
KQED Radio Forum
IGeneX Public Service Announcement
Boston 7, June, 2002: Tick Trouble
Lyme Disease Audio Network: Video Collection
Under Our Skin
Under the Eight Ball
Lymelife Movie
One Tick Away


The following websites are by physicians who have an interest in caring for patients with Lyme disease. Additional practitioners who place more emphasis on alternative therapies are listed in the Alternative Medicine section. Physician protocols are in the Diagnosis and Treatment section. For tips on how to find a doctor in your area, see our Patient section. It is always best to consult with local support groups regarding these and other physicians.

ILADS Officers and Directors
Dr. Bock - Rhinebeck/Albany, NY
Dr. Braccia - Havertown, PA
Dr. Cameron - Mt. Kisco, NY
Dr. Cichon - Tampa, FL
Dr. Crist - Columbia, MO
Dr. Garzon - Washington, DC
Dr. Holtorf - Torrance, CA and here
Dr. Jemsek - Washington, DC
Dr. Katz - Orange, CT
Dr. Kroun - Denmark
Dr. Levin - Vienna, VA
Dr. Lucas - Lutherville, MD
Dr. Meress - Fond du Lac, WI
Dr. Murakami - BC, Canada
NP Neuber - Cumberland, RI
Dr. Raxlen - New York, NY
Dr. Ross - Seattle, WA
NP Savely - DC and CA
Dr. Shoemaker - Pocomoke City, MD
Dr. Singleton - Towson, MD
Dr. Stricker - San Francisco, CA
Dr. Susser - Phoenix, AZ
Dr. Swami - Hermitage, PA
Dr. Yang - San Diego, CA
Dr. Younger - New York, NY
NP Zaken - Providence, RI
Mental Health
Ms. Berenbaum - NY & CT
Dr. Bransfield - Red Bank, NJ
Dr. Fallon - New York, NY
Dr. Griffiths - Scranton, PA
Dr. Shea - New York, NY
Dr. Sherr - PA

Resources & Products

LymeInfo's Booklist
LymeInfo's Alternative Books List
Brochures & Flyers
Lyme Disease Association Videos
Fundraiser Wristband, Pin
Lyme Times Newsletter
ILADS Online Store
PICC Line Covers
West of Center: Lyme Awareness
Lymegreen Store- Various Products
Official Lymie Shirts, Hats, Pins & More
Herx Shirts, Mugs & More
Warning Sign Shirts, Mugs & More
Green Ribbon Jewelry
Green Ribbon Keychain, Cookie Cutter, and More
Green Ribbon Pins
Green Pin
Medical ID Bracelets

The Controversy

Learn more about the long standing controversy regarding Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment. For advocacy efforts stemming from the controversy, see the Advocacy section.

The Great Lyme Debate
Vanity Fair: Lyme Controversy
Lyme disease treatment debated
Questioning Long Term Lyme Cases
NY Times 2008: A Threat in a Grassy Stroll
Lyme discoverer breaks silence
Disease in Debate
Cure Unknown Author Response to Waiting for Cure
The Lyme Disease Controversy
ILADS Response to NEJM
ILADS Position Paper on Persistent Symptoms
The Lyme Wars: Time to Listen
Debate Rages About Treatment
Study Supports Chronic Lyme
ILADS Response to Flawed Article
Dirty Truth About LD Research
Controversies in Neuroborreliosis
Response to the 'Overdiagnosis' of LD
Tiny Bug, Big Trouble
Testimonies Available Online
Interpret Steere's Comments with Caution
Lyme Disease: Two Standards of Care
Lyme disease: a medicolegal assessment
Conflicts of Interest (Large .doc file)

Chronic Lyme Disease

Chronic Lyme is a very REAL problem. These sites provide some insight into this persistent condition.

Chronic Lyme Disease and the "Axis of Evil"
A Plague of Ignorance Regarding the Ignorance of a Plague
Lyme Disease debilitates after treatment
What We Don't Know About Lyme
Chronic Lyme Assessment
Macrolide therapy of chronic Lyme Disease
Why is chronic Lyme borreliosis chronic? Full Text (pdf)
The Sensible Pursuit of Answers
The Complexities of Lyme Disease
PCR Evidence of Chronic Infection Despite Extended Antibiotics
Genetic Factor: HLA-DR4
Science Letter: Asking the Right Questions
Chronic symptoms are common in patients with neuroborreliosis
Disease Severity and Bb Strain
LymeInfo: Chronic Lyme Disease

Select Media Coverage

CNN: 10 Year Lyme Battle (2008)
ABC: Good Morning America Lyme Coverage (2008)
SELF Magazine: Ticked Off (2008)
LymeInfo's News Archive, 2002-Present
Poughkeepsie Journal Lyme Articles
Poughkeepsie Journal "Lyme Disease Often Misdiagnosed"
Newsweek International "Diseases of the Mind"
Good Housekeeping: "I Refused to Give Up On My Daughter"
NY Times "Certainty and Uncertainty in Treatment of Lyme Disease"
NY Times "3 Suits Say Lyme Vaccine Caused Severe Arthritis"
NY Times "Questioning Long Term Lyme Cases"
NJ Star Ledger "Ticked Off"
Newsweek "A War Over Lyme Disease"
NY Magazine "Germ Warfare"

DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services) Lyme links

State Health Departments
CDC Citations for Under-reporting
LDA Response to CDC
CDC Surveillance Criteria
CDC Reports High Lyme Rates in 10 States, 2007
Reported Cases More Than Double Since 1991
CDC MMWR 2008; Surveillance for Lyme, 1992-2006
CDC MMWR 2007; Lyme Disease, 2003-2005
CDC MMWR 2002; Lyme Disease, 2000
CDC MMWR 2001; Lyme Disease, 1999
Effect of Electronic Laboratory Reporting
CDC Telebriefing, 2002
CDC: Lyme Disease Statistics
CDC's Lyme Site
NIAID's Lyme Site
NINDS Lyme Site
FDA- Beware of Ticks and Lyme Disease
FDA on Diagnostic Tests (1997)
FDA- Pets and Ticks

Pets & Lyme

Dogs, cats, and other animals can also get tick-borne diseases. They can also carry ticks into the house that can later attach to and infect you or your family.

Pets and Lyme Disease
Lyme Disease in Dogs and Cats
Tick Diseases in Dogs
RI DOH: Lyme in Pets
Lyme Disease: Fact from Fiction
Videos on tick diseases in pets
Diagnostic Laboratory
How Frontline Works
How to Treat Lyme in Dogs
Lyme Disease and Cats
Ledum for pets
Lyme disease in dogs
Lyme disease in cats
Canine Babesiosis
Equine Lyme
Lyme Aware Pet Care
Prevalence on Indian Reservation
Once dog is infected, infected for life
What Every Dog Owner Should Know
Bernese Mountain Dogs Prone To Infection By Lyme
Lyme Disease in Horses
More on Lyme in Horses
Millions of Pets Fail to Receive Proper Healthcare
Lyme Disease in Dogs
More on protection
Ehrlichiosis in dogs
Lyme Borreliosis in Domestic Animals (pdf file)
Article Collection

Misc. Links

Lyme Memorial Project
TBD Memorial Page
Actress Mary McDonnell Dances with Lyme
LymeInfo: Prevention & Ticks
LymeInfo: Insurance & Disability Resources
Lyme Reporting Tool
LymeInfo: Support Groups
LymeInfo: State Lyme Resources
Dolly Curtis Interviews
Hardin MD: Lyme Disease
NOAH Health: Lyme Disease
Healing Well: Lyme Disease
Rash Pictures
Medline Lyme Disease Info
NY Health Indicator Profiles
Spider bites
Search: Lymenet Flash Discussion Search