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In some patients, Lyme disease can be fairly easy to treat while in others, it can feel like a never-ending battle. Chronic Lyme disease, which is surrounded by much controversy, is a systemic, debilitating condition which persists despite antibiotic therapy. The seriousness of this condition and its resistance to treatment necessitates an individualized treatment plan not based on arbitrary insurance guidelines.

Chronic Lyme disease is also unique in that it is widely misunderstood and surrounded by controversy, leading to problems with physicians, friends and family, insurance companies, disability coverage, etc. The devastating symptoms and the myriad of secondary issues Lyme disease patients face often combine to leave the patient feeling overwhelmed and discouraged.

There is no established cure for chronic Lyme disease. The response to treatment varies greatly from patient to patient. Many patients find they need to stay on antibiotics long-term (ie. years). Patients may also need antibiotic combos, coinfection treatments, symptomatic medications, and natural therapies. With these treatments some patients experience full recovery. Those who don't are left to continue the search for treatment options.

Support groups, both online and offline, are very helpful for patients suffering with chronic Lyme. These groups enable patients to learn about new treatment options and to connect with others facing the same uncertainties.

Increasing numbers of those with chronic Lyme disease are being found to have other tick-borne illnesses as well. These other illnesses contribute to the difficulty with treatment. For more infomation about coinfections, see Coinfections.html.

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