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CALL TO ACTION 2009 #9 (October 11, 2009)
from Lyme Disease Association, Time for Lyme,
CALDA, & Lyme Disease Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania

In This Issue:
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-- Take Action Now
-- Goals
The State of New Jersey is placing Lyme disease in a group with disorders of unknown causes: chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Gulf War Illness, multiple chemical sensitivity. It wants to open a center characterizing these disorders and include Lyme disease as "neuroendocrine immune" (NEID) disorders.

This is a serious danger to Lyme patient treatment as it mirrors what the IDSA and some governement agencies want to do, make chronic Lyme disease a collection of vague symptoms with no known cause, thus preventing treatment with antibiotics.

The New Jersey Assembly already passed a unanimous resolution (AR 202) supporting the creation of this center. The NJ Senate has not yet voted on the Resolution (SR 133).

Click here to see the Senate Resolution that will be voted upon NJ Senate Resolution SR 133 [LYMEINFO NOTE: (pdf file)]

Click here to see the Letter sent last week to NJ Senators asking for removal of Lyme from resolution Letter to NJ Senate by Lyme Groups [LYMEINFO NOTE: (pdf file)]

WHO: NJ residents or businesses; also, any Lyme organizations nationwide who have not already signed above letter. No others please at this time, thanks!

WHAT: Call or fax the NJ State Senate sponsors Christopher "Kip" Bateman and Loretta Weinberg.

WHERE: Bateman Phone: (908) 526-3600 Fax: 908-707-4578; Weinberg Phone: (201) 928-0100 Fax: 201-928-0406

WHEN: Start Tuesday October 13, 2009

WHY: To remove Lyme disease from this resolution & from the center

HOW: Call or fax the two senators. Tell each of them
- Including Lyme disease with disorders with no known cause will hurt Lyme patients everywhere and prevent them from receiving treatment.
- Please remove all references to Lyme disease from the Resolution.
- Leave your name, address, contact info (if group, leave group name).
Also, check if either Bateman or Weinberg is your senator Find your NJ State Senator If so, tell him or her you are a constituent.
To have Lyme disease removed from a Resoultion SR 133 which includes other disorders all of which have unknown causes.

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